Social Responsability


The Company reinforces its commitment to the principles of sustainable development, ensuring the integral, ethical, transparent and responsible conduct of its business, identifying and mitigating risks, improving the management of processes and competences at all levels, including operational control and service emergencies and a focus on pollution and incident prevention. The Company is committed to sustainable local development, providing economic, social and environmental benefits to all stakeholders in the regions in which it operates.

Ciranda Viva Social Project

Our social activities are focused on childhood and youth, with actions in art, education, sports and music. In 2014, in partnership with AVSI Brasil, the Company started CIRANDA VIVA RECÔNCAVO, a social project that works with the communities of Pedras, Flechas and Veadinho, located in the municipality of Catu-BA, with the objective of helping communities to develop in a sustainable way, rescuing and valuing their culture and identity.

In the CIRANDA EDUCATIVA, we promote the values of environmental education and food security for children aged 4 to 6 years, who participate in garden cultivation activities, reading workshops and also joint efforts for nutritional assessment, involving parents and guardians.

The CIRANDA ESPORTIVA encourages the practice of sports as a tool for development. Children and teenagers participate in futsal, handball, volleyball and basketball classes, as well as collaborative games and games. The project, which started in 2017 and also has the support of Ferbasa, currently benefits around 190 young people between 7 and 17 years old, students from public schools in the region.